Currently the estate is managed by its first generation and second generation, this being a complete family business, we have made Coffee our hallmark, and we believe our coffee is an handmade product of high quality.


The farm has 335 ha. of which 27 hectares are devoted to coffee production, the rest is divided into primary forest that protects our 3 water sources, thus providing guaranteed year-round water for both human consumption and washed coffee during harvest a final percentage of land area is devoted to livestock grazing.

All the coffee area is covered by planting shade trees, favoring air circulation, and also helps in the control of the amount of sunlight received by the plantation, preventing pests and diseases. Shade trees are also home to many of the most beautiful birds in Honduras. Macaw, and parrots among them…

The farm offers a respectful environment coffee pulping and washing of infrastructure prevents water pollution.

Our coffee harvest.

In Honduras the coffee harvest season begins in November and ends in May. Because of the altitude and the specific location of Ixchel these coffee cherries ripen slowly during the months of January and February, favoring the concentration of aroma and flavor substances that characterizes our grains.

To ensure the highest quality coffee is picked by hand in four periods through which selected only the red and ripe cherries. Our 27 ha of plantation yield a total annual production of 1,000 bags of parchment 100 of them are our Café Ixchel.


After hand-picking coffee is transported to the central processing unit located in the heart of the farm, where the pulp is removed and washed in our facilities that are designed to be environmentally friendly.

Water usage has been reduced to minimize the impact on the environment. After pulping and washing, the coffee is dried on patios in the sun, this process is manual and slow but provides special qualities that can then perceive the drink.