About Cafe Ixchel

Café Ixchel

The story of Café Ixchel began in 1975, when Señor Adan Duke began growing arabica coffee at Finca San Isidro, a picturesque farm located in the lush mountains south of Copán Ruinas, Honduras.  Thanks to the kindness of the tropics, San Isidro is settled in an excellent high-altitude climate containing blessed soil conditions.  Together with the love and care of the Duke family, the plantation has allowed us to grow our own premium, fresh-roasted, eco-friendly whole-bean  coffee.  The flavor, richness, and aroma of our coffee is unmatched.  In addition to our trees, Finca San Isidro is home to more than 180 plants and wildlife species including; orchids, toucans, hummingbirds, butterflies, and many others.

Our Mission 

Cafe Ixchel’s mission is to produce specialty coffee utilizing environmentally friendly agriculture practices. Every decision on the farm takes into account our social responsibility to our land and to the families our coffee financially support. San Isidro is managed in a way to be economically viable for all people involved.

Our Vision

Cafe Ixchel’s vision is to maintain the coffee designation of single-origin. Our single-origin coffee will always be   recognized only by the name of Café Ixchel. End-consumers of Café Ixchel can rest assured knowing exactly where their coffee is produced, and how it was processed all with the close oversight of the Duke family.
With the development of this vision we aspire to educate all coffee lovers. Our education will help coffee aficionados identify different varieties, qualities, regions and processes coffee takes around the world. Coffee is a noble, exotic, complex concoction worthy of its history and sciences. Café Ixchel’s distinct flavors and richness makes a delicious cup of coffee you are soon never to forget.